Velvet Or Linen Which Is Better For Dining Chair !

Velvet Or Linen Which Is Better For Dining Chair !

Which is better ? Velvet or Linen for dining chair  

We believe that you must be confused when choosing the cloth for the dining chair. Today I'll analyze their advantages and disadvantages

Difference between linen and velvet: linen refers to the cloth made of various hemp plant fibers. All this cloth is made of plant fibers and does not contain industrial raw materials. Therefore, linen dining chairs have good environmental protection performance. The linen dining chair has many advantages in use, such as air permeability, good heat conduction, comfort, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance, not easy to wrinkle, not fade, not pilling, and will not produce electrostatic sunscreen. Even in summer, there is no need to worry about sweating and sticky. The texture of linen dining chair is tight and soft, and it won't get moldy in wet places. However, the linen dining chair also has its shortcomings, because the linen fabric is stiff and rough.



Others say velvet dining chair is good. The most impressive velvet dining chair is its super delicate and gentle touch. From corduroy in the past to suede in the present, the velvet dining chair changes its identity in vulgarity and elegance.velvet dining chair is environmentally friendly and healthy; Novel and fashionable, easy cleaning, chemical reaction between dye and fiber, deep penetration into the fiber, soft hand feeling, good sag and strong color fastness. velvet dining chair has a good falling feeling and is fashionable, but velvet material is easy to accumulate dust.

Hope through the above explanation, you must have a certain understanding of the differences and characteristics of velvet and linen. I hope the above analysis can help you when selecting fabrics. Thank you

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