Choosing the ideal chair fabric

Choosing the ideal chair fabric

Home decoration, every detail is worth building, and the choice of chair fabric is one of the links can not be ignored. A suitable chair fabric, not only for the living room to add a stylish atmosphere, can bring a comfortable and intimate experience.

But many people may feel troubled when choosing fabrics, because there are too many choices in the market.Here are a few factors to consider to help you choose the right fabric for your chair.

  • Durability

Chair fabrics need to have good abrasion resistance and stain resistance, can withstand long-term daily use and cleaning. Velvet,linen,boucleand pu leather are more durable options.

  • Easy to Maintain

Dining chairs are easy to stain food, drinks, etc., the fabric should be easy to clean and maintain, can be wiped with a damp cloth or vacuum. PU leather and other materials are easy to wipe, while the linenand boucle fabrics may require more frequent cleaning.

  • Comfort

The fabric should be soft, breathable and elastic, can provide a good sitting experience. Velvet,linen,boucle and pu leather fabrics are all more comfortable. Velvet hasa smooth feel.Linen and boucle fabrics have good moisture absorption and breathability.

  • Style Matching

According to your home style and personal preferences, choose the right colour and pattern. The colour and pattern of the fabric needs to be coordinated with the overall decoration style of the home to create a harmonious and unified atmosphere. Velvetand other high-grade fabrics are more suitable for luxury style, while linen,boucle and pu leather are more casual and fashionable.

  • Affordable

Under the premise of meeting the above requirements, we should also consider the price reasonableness of the fabric. Velvet and leather prices are high,while linenand pu leather is relatively affordable. The price of different fabrics varies greatly. When choosing, according to their own budget, in the cost-effective trade-offs between.

In conclusion, velvet,linen,boucle and pu leather are good chair fabric choices, with different characteristics. As the saying goes, "the right is the most beautiful". Only the practicality, aesthetics and personal preferences are integrated, in order to create a distinctive home taste. Choose the chair fabric, is to add a splash of bright colours for home life, so that the home time more comfortable.

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