[Ofcasa Photo Hunting] Get Free Gifts by Sharing photo of Jarvis Chair!

[Ofcasa Photo Hunting] Get Free Gifts by Sharing photo of Jarvis Chair!

Campaign Period: May 25th- June 10th, 2024

How to join:

  1. 📷Share a great photo/videoof Jarvis chair in your houseon Facebook/Instagram.
  2. 📌Add the hashtag #ofcasawhyJarvis , @OfacsaFurniture or tag us
  3. 👍Share the reason why you LOVEJarvisand invite people to like/share your post


The Jarvis dining chair has long been Ofcasa's #1 most popular product, and as a sales team, we are often amazed at its strong appeal and popularity, so that we often wonder, "Why Jarvis?" What is it about Jarvis that makes it always the #1 seller.

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the launch of Ofcasa Jarvis, we are organizing a photo hunting campaign, so that you, as a consumer, who bought and loved Jarvis, can share the beauty of Jarvis and tell us why you chose it out of the many Ofcasa products to be in your home's dining room.


🎁The top 3 most popular image sharers will have a chance to win fabulous prizes and reorder discounts from Ofcasa! We can't wait to see your photos and thoughts! Let’s go~

😆Meanwhile, we will have  FLASH SALE  on our bestsellers from June 1st to 10th. Do not miss this chance to enjoy the big discount every after. Follow up our newsletter and social media account to get the latest news of promotions.

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