Grab the great deal with Clearance Sale right now!

Grab the great deal with Clearance Sale right now!

Ofcasa Clearance Sale is on for a limited time until 30th June, with discounts of up to 50% and free delivery, so stop in and take a look at some of the amazing high quality products at super low prices!


Here are three of the most noteworthy products on sale. They have a distinctive design sense, high quality fabric materials and the most unbelievable low prices! We're sure you'll find them uniquely charming.


1. Louisa Dining Chair


Louisa Dining Chairs are made of the most trendy boucle fabric, which is more comfortable and lightweight, and durable at the same time, thick cushion and backrest make you more comfortable to sit for a long time, and the chic and stylish chair legs can dress up your home better.

(With £69.99 off, just £80 per set, which equates to one chair for just £40! )


2. Haas Dining Chair

Haas Dining Chairs are made of higher quality faux leather, comfortable and breathable, smooth and delicate touch, with a more stylish and elegant texture, unique 2 layers of high-density sponge padding, enhance the comfort of the dining chairs, there will be a feeling of being wrapped up in the seat, while the two layers of padding with a two-colour design, very stylish and elegant.

(With £30 off, just £109.99 per set, which equates to one chair for just about £55!)



3. Keaton Bar Stools

Ofcasa clearance sale also provides consumers with a diverse range of choices, in addition to the dining chair series, there are also bar chair styles, such as Keaton Bar Stools, built with high-quality velvet fabric, the bar stools are padded with thick cushioning and high-density sponge, which provides an excellent comfortable and soft seating experience, and your feet can be easily placed on the metal pedals, which is stable and comfortable, and the pleated design of the back of the chair can decorate the home space well. 

(With £50.99 off, just £79 per set, which equates to one chair for just £39.5!)



Other chairs in the clearance sale are also uniquely charming, with a wide range of styles, great discounts, and excellent value for money, we're sure you'll love them too.

There are only 7 days left in the clearance sale and don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Come and dress up your home space beautifully~More information, please check here:  Ofcasa Clearance Sale (



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