Burn the Summer with Ofcasa hot discounts!

Burn the Summer with Ofcasa hot discounts!
Let Ofcasa bring a cool feast to your home on a hot summer day! This season's "Summer Sale" offers up to 60% off and free shipping until August 31st, with a wide range of products that offer great value for money.



Except the huge discount, let us introduce these three of the most popular chairs, cool and comfortable fabrics, unique and innovative designs, and excellent workmanship, which you'll love to get to know.


Jarvis Diamond /Jarvis Dining Chairs

The Jarvis Series Chairs, the hottest selling products from Ofcasa, are currently available at great discounts, making it the perfect time to place a worthwhile order. The Jarvis Series Chairs are coved by PU leather fabric, which is crisp to sit on and easy to scrub. The dining chair's simple diamond lattice or vertical stripes stitching design is unique and full of style. The chairs have a sloping seat, which is well integrated with ergonomics, making your sitting more comfortable and not tiring after a long time. They can also be paired with the Jarvis Diamond Bar Stools, which are definitely an excellent choice.


(Jarvis Diamond Dining Chairs:With £34.00 off, just £105.99 per set, which equates to one chair for just £53! )
(Jarvis Dining Chairs:With £20.00 off, just £119.99 per set, which equates to one chair for just £60! )


Solis Dining Chairs

Solis Dining Chairs feature a colour blocked design that adds visual interest, and the stylish stitching on the back of the chairs adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design, giving your dining area a more spirited vibe. Dining chairs made of high-quality PU leather, the fabric is softer and more skin-friendly, more delicate touch, easy to scrub and maintain, coupled with thick upholstered seats and backrests as well as armrests, so that your summer home life is more cool and comfortable.

(Solis Dining Chairs:With £20.00 off, just £119.99 per set, which equates to one chair for just £60! )



Keaton Swivel Dining Chairs


Keaton Swivel Dining Chairs are made of high quality velvet fabric and have a unique pleated design on the back of the chairs, giving them a minimalist, stylish and luxurious look. The chair's 360-degree swivel seat design gives you the freedom to rotate in any direction, making it easy to communicate with others in any direction. The chair features a thick cushion and backrest to allow you to relax and unwind during a busy day.
It will pair nicely with the Keaton Bar Stools from summer sale, and when they are placed in the dining area, they will reflect and complement each other and dress up your home environment nicely.
(Keaton Swivel Dining Chairs:With £30.00 off, just £129.99 per set, which equates to one chair for just £65! )
(Keaton Bar Stools:With £50.99 off, just £79.00 per set, which equates to one chair for just £39.50! )



In addition, there are other unique dining chairs, armchairs and barstools, with trendy boucle fabric and unique ramp design, etc. They are at a good price and high quality, waiting for you to come and grab them soon! Let's bring home coolness and comfort together this summer! For more details, please check here: Ofcasa Summer Sale

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