Four tips to freshen up your home for May Bank Holiday

Four tips to freshen up your home for May Bank Holiday

According to our recent market research on people's plans for the spring holiday, the data indicates that over the May Bank Holiday people are more likely to celebrate the festive season with a meal at home, less likely to go out, and the fact that it's springtime brings with it a desire for novelty and beauty, prompting a greater focus on home refurbishment and cleaning.

In this post, we've chosen 4 new interior trends to look out for to make your home redecorating fresh and new. Whether you need to decorate your home from scratch or just want to add a few new details to make it more cosy and stylish, here are our tips to keep in mind.


A cosy look

Decorate your home with cosy furniture designed to look like a hospitable nook and give you a feeling of being pampered. Soft and rounded shapes are the trend for 2024.Perfect for dining room furniture, charming and cosy, Yasin Dining Chairs are reminiscent of a warm, maternal nest, giving you unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Contrasting colours

Colour, colour and more colour. Don't be afraid to be bold: colour is the most powerful tool for defining your home's personality, and the Sienna Garden Dining Chairs add a design element to your dining area with their cosy, flowing shapes, which culminate in vibrant colours such as yellow and blue. We can choose the armchairs with the corresponding colours to the style of your home.

Eco-sustainability and environmental protection

More and more brands have now embarked on the path of eco-sustainability, which is why aesthetics and functionality are combined to create eco-conscious solutions. If you also want to go green, then you can furnish your bar area with the Jarvis Diamond Bar Stools. This is made from a faux leather material which is both for your needs and has a sustainable point of view.

Quiet luxury means minimalism and understated luxury

One of the most popular furniture trends is the so-called ‘quiet luxury’, which means choosing to furnish your living room in the most minimal and elegant way. No more flair or excess, just sophistication, subtlety and beautiful lines, as in the case of Aleena Dining Chairs.Versatile, comfortable and understated, Aleena Dining Chairs are ideal for those who love elegance and understated design.Aleena Dining Chairs are ideal for any environment and décor.

With the above interior decorating suggestions, I'm sure you'll have plenty of inspiration for decorating your home perfectly, and in the meantime, Ofcasa Furniture will be launching a corresponding spring sale over the May Bank Holiday period, offering discounts and offers of up to 50% off, helping you to always add a touch of elegance and style to your home space. Refreshing your spring decorations with Ofcasa Spring Sale discount~

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