Meet this Blue Beauty--New Upholstery Hole Back Dining Chair

Meet this Blue Beauty--New Upholstery Hole Back Dining Chair

Comfortable and spacious cushion space, unique fashionable elements with holes on the back, and simple and beautiful vertical lines are the selling points of this upholstery hole back dining chair;



The thickness of the cushion reaches 8cm, which is very comfortable to sit on and is not tired after sitting for a long time;

The special wide design with holes back requires high mold polishing capacity, making this upholstery dining chair look symmetrical, beautiful and harmonious. When a person sits up, his hands and arms naturally sag to the edge of the dining chair armrest position, and he feels very relaxed and comfortable.

Although this upholstery hole back dining chair looks large, when you want to move the chair, you only need to gently lift the hole back, and you can easily move it.


The legs of this chair adopt a classic four-leg design. The structure is very sturdy and practical. It can be matched with a variety of dining tables. It looks fashionable and modern, and is favored by many families and young consumers.

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