Create a Christmas atmosphere with dining chairs

Create a Christmas atmosphere with dining chairs

Are you feeling the holiday spirit? The excitement of our family and friends is palpable this time of year as we all gear up for Christmas. With festivities kicking into full gear, it’s the time of adding an extra festive touch to your home.

With that, we sincerely give you the recommendation of two collections; and also offer the better matching idea from our professional designers.


Green-Green collection

Green is the color that can match most interior styles and gives the Christmas mood.

These two green dining chairs are different kinds of green, the first one is bolder than the second, also gives the different design on the seat part.

This mid-century style chair is crafted of luxurious velvet fabric, the gorgeous shape will be great for festival use. Plus, suitable sponge cushions and black metal legs are stylish and durable.

2 Pcs Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs [Green Velvet] HDC21S001GR (


xmas green dining chairs

The dark green one is featured in its ergonomic design, fitting the waist and back, and making them comfortable when you sit there. Also, the backrest part embellishes with gemstone pattern stitching, which is durable and stylish. The same high-end velvet gives you a great texture.

2 Pcs Velvet Fabric Diamond Lattice Living Room Chair Dark Green UDC82 (



xmas dark green dining chairs


Blue-Brown collection

Welcome to the world of blue and brown, this is a really popular and inviting color-matching group!


xmas blue brown dining chairs


If you are looking for something different, this group recommendation will make your decision easier. With its unique blend of tone and texture, blue offers an array of decorating options when paired with the warm element of brown in furniture pieces.

High-end velvet fabric plus black sandy powder coated legs, KD structure, and diamond-shape stitching finish makes them a great choice. Check more details about the chairs:


2 Pcs Velvet Fabric Diamond Lattice Living Room Chair Blue UDC8277BU (

2 Pcs Velvet Fabric Diamond Lattice Living Room Chair Brown UDC8277BR (


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merry christmas with ofcasa furniture


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