How to distinguish sponges?

How to distinguish sponges?

Sponges are widely used in the furniture industry. Sponges are used in dining chairs, sofas, beds, etc., but do you know how to distinguish sponges?

The two technical indexes of sponge are density and rebound index. If the foam density is high, the quality is good, and the price is high.

1. elasticity and comfort

Poor sponges are not dense enough. They either sink into the sofa when they sit on it, or they are like sitting on wood and have no elasticity. The sofa doesn't feel like a sofa. A good sponge has enough density, elasticity, and spring feeling.

2. service time

The good sponge has good elasticity, fast recovery, and is not easily damaged. The poor sponge sank after sitting for a year or two and broke.

3. environmental protection

Some sofa manufacturers use sponges produced by small factories, which fail in quality and environmental protection. For example:

1. The price of cheap sponges produced by small workshops is only half that of famous factories;

2. Cut leftover materials into broken sponges and fill them into the cushion and backrest;

3. Make the bottom with poor material;

4. Use recycled cotton

The quality of sponge mainly depends on the following points:


In addition to the special large empty and disorderly empty sponges, the more refined the appearance of the general sponge, the smaller the pores, the better.

2:Touch feel

Can rebound quickly, the fluffy sponge is better, feel stiff sponge is inferior


Standard sponges have a slight smell, but if the smell is unbearable, it uses inferior raw materials.

4:Tear strength:

A good sponge is not easy to tear. It must be shoddy if it is broken at the slightest finger. Generally, the sofa cushion with a depression of about 10 cm is the best after the human body sits down. Generally, adding springs in the seat cushion increases the resilience and durability of the sofa to enhance the service life.


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